The Bull Track

  • The Bull Track upper downhill section
  • Wooded section, Bull Track downhill
  • Sussex views on race day
  • Freeride jump trails
  • Jump area at The Bull Track
Riding Skill Level Rating
Freeride 1-4
Downhill 1-4
Dirt Jump 3

All Weather Rating: 2/5

Venue is only open on specific days. Check here before you travel!

Cost To Ride: £30 annually or £5 per session.


The Bull Track is on rented farm land still used for grazing in the off-season! You may have heard of the BR4R downhill series - this is where they are held. The venue boasts the most laid back race series in the region, if you ever wanted to start racing, this is the place to do it.

What's The Riding Like?

The hill is fairly gradual, so makes up for its lack gradient with fun jumps. All features can be rolled around which is why it is such a great place for newer riders wanting to try racing. The jumps which, thanks to not having the red-tape restrictions that other venues face, vary from tiny to pretty sizeable. 

And that's exactly why The Bull Track comes up trumps when it comes to freeride. There is also a pretty extensive jump area under the trees, lines for varying levels cris-cross down to the railway line at the base. You probably wouldn't make the trip for the downhill until a course is taped up pre-race, but there is a lot of fun the be had in the lower jump area.

There is also a newer set of dirt jumps to the left of the freeride area, which really helps broaden the appeal of the venue. Expect to see this extended in the future.

How Do I Get There?

For sat nav; Palesgate Lane, Crowborough. At Crowborough cross, take road towards Rotherfield (B2100). Keep following the road, eventually you will pass under a railway. You want the second left - with a blue 'Weak Bridge' sign. Follow this lane until you go over the rail bridge. Take the first right after this, The Bull Track is the first gate on the right.