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Riding Skill Level Rating
Freeride 2-4
Downhill 2-4

All Weather Rating: 2/5

Cost To Ride: Free to park, membership available at [email protected]


Stoughton Downhill is run by a group of enthusiasts in association with the Forestry Comission and the CTC. The trails are incredibly well crafted in-spite the chalky rock surface, and snake tidily down the hillside from varying directions at the top start point. The chalky surface does prove tricky in the wet, so bare that in mind before making the visit.


The hill the venue is based on has a lot less gradient then it's neighbouring downhill cousin, Rogate, but where it lacks in vertical clout it more than makes up for in flow and grin-factor. To overcome the gradient issue, the trails have a more 'freeride' feel to them; smoother, with back to back berms and sections of floaty jumps. The variation for different skill levels is good too, with a fairly low key 'warm up' line on one side, and a faster line with big berms and booters on the other.

Over the half-way path (look out for walkers!) and the gradient increases, allowing for a floaty step-down and a monster of a table-top finale on the big line. Pleasant.

As with any venue of this type we are to be courteous and respectful to other countryside users. The club are making brilliant progress here and maintaining good relationships with other users will allow Stoughton Downhill to continue to develop into a truly great venue. 

Getting To Stoughton Downhill Trails

Reaching the car park would be difficult to explain due to the labyrinth of lanes and options available, use the 'get directions' feature on Google Maps for more.

Once you are in the car park you will see a broad path heading away from the road at the foot of the hill (fields to the left, woods to the right). You can take this path, but we recommend the next narrower path slightly to its right. Follow this for about a 10 minute walk and you'll soon come across the tracks crossing here. The push up from here is a breeze.