• Parking for Rogate Downhill
  • Push up route
  • Rogate DH bottom jumps
  • Mid trail section
Riding Skill Level Rating
Freeride 3
Downhill 4

All Weather Rating: 5/5

Cost To Ride: £5 Day rate online / £6 on the day. £45 Annual membership. £69 Full annual membership, inc. membership for Aston Hill and Tilgate. Available at


Rogate Forest is a Forestry Comission managed site, and has in recent years become a legal riding spot. The area is based in a steep sandy 'bowl' like area making it a good choice to head to if the weather has been wetter.

What's The Riding Like?

Upon arrival you can hear whoops and bellows through the trees - people of varying levels turn out here and there's a good community atmosphere with people egging each other on to overcome the next obstacle.

The venue strikes as clean and tidy, with a neat little rest area where you can observe the majority of the lower trail sections from. The trails themselves are similarly well built and maintained too. Each course is permanently taped too, which I would imagine also helps stop rogue line jumping and making it dangerous.

Rogate's runs are thoroughbred downhill material, and start off steep and technical with natural features. Once across the fire road, the pace picks up considerably where berms and drop-features help you gather momentum for the final jumps. Trails are graded too, giving an appeal to more varying skill levels.

Were the trails longer we would give this venue full marks, but as the South East isn't a particularly mountainous region this place is well worth a visit to keep those alpine riding skills in check.

How Do I Get To Rogate Downhill?

The venue is located on the (helpfully nameless) lane that links the village of Rogate and Rake. If you are coming from Rogate, it is not far after the road begins descending from the hill summit on your left. You can see the the spot from the road, with parking available on the roadside.