• Trail flow at Peaslake
  • Winterfold, Holmbury and Pitch trails
  • Surrey hills MTB
Riding Skill Level Rating
XC 1-4
Freeride 1-5
Downhill 1-4

All Weather Rating: 4/5

Cost To Ride: FOC


The woodlands are privately owned estates with public access, with local trail groups volunteering to maintain the trails. The Surrey Hills (including Leith Hill) are a renowned weekend destination for mountain bikers, and become very busy. This doesn't mean though that they should be taken for granted: the relationship with the landowners is delicate, and upmost respect needs to be shown to other forest users in order for access to remain open to mountain biking.


Unlike most other venues featured on our site, the trails at Holmbury, Pitch and Winterfold are not marked and are scattered around this vast area, rendering it more enduro bike friendly. The trails are short and well built - they are a lot of fun and vary in skill level enormously. Most of the larger features on the trails have a chicken line option, making it attractive to a wide range of skill levels. The biggest challenge for yourself will be actually finding a lot of the trails (this factored in lowered the rating), however other riders or local bike shop Pedal and Spoke will be able to point you in the right direction. We would highly recommend bringing some form of GPS with you though, as getting lost is quite like likely - especially on your first few visits. Persist though, and there is gold to be found here.

Getting there

Head for Peaslake car park, just South West of Peaslake village centre on Walking Bottom road. Winterfold trails lay South West from here, Holmbury south east and Pitch to the south. This carpark is pretty central.


To reach Holmbury hill, ride out of the carpark back onto the road, following it down into the village. Follow the road sweeping round to the right, as soon as it straightens up Radnor Road is on the left. Follow this up the hill out of the village. 'Barry Knows Best' is eventually on your right (there were huge logs either side of the entrance when we went - the tree variety, that is).


If you head up the hill from within Peaslake carpark (footpath), you will climb until you eventually reach some pretty impressive views. Heading to you right will take you to the Pitch downhill trails. These end up near The Windmill pub on Ride Way Road.