New Motion DVD

This time 10 years ago we had just completed our first dvd. Wow! Time flies when the shredding's good!

Our first film, 'New Motion' was about riders you'd never heard of riding trails (some you have heard of) from across the south east region. Highlights include sending a rather large natural gap that is known as Roo's [of Whinnie The Pooh fame] Pit on the Ashdown Forest. There you go, bet you didn't know Roo was into big mountain freeride!

The dvd took a year to complete, using makeshift cable cams, handy cams and bullets cams that came with huge battery packs, way before the time and convenience that today's GoPro users are used to. Home video used to be hard work, kids!

Motion DVD series

After this, we went on to make another 2 dvd's in the 'Motion' series, each using progressively better equipment and techniques. The series was heavily influenced by the arrival of the groundbreaking film 'The Collective', which captured the sport intelligently and artistically like never before. 

Filming is something we'd love to get stuck into again. Who knows? Would make a great 10th anniversary celebration wouldn't it now?

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