Base No More

Base No More

A cornerstone of has just been consigned to the history books. No sooner had we dropped our Jab Uk brand or a letter came through from neighbouring landowners to say borders were to be redrawn, re-fenced, and essentially, our time was up. Like buses, changes never come in ones.

And so we begin our new chapter with a bit of sadness. After all, The Base has been a sanctuary and part of us for over 12 years! Many hours spent in the solace it provided, building features, clearing, burning, and of course, riding.

North Shore corner

It became known as a place with very little room for error. The tiny embankment had as many features shoehorned in as possible, changing almost annually. It really came to its own with the rise of north shore mountain biking; the features suited the limitation of space and gradient perfectly. Lines narrow, wide, slow, fast, merged and splintered off wherever possible.

Mountain Biking LaddersBase multi imageBase Gap

The only problem with these structures is that they're high maintenance, and with less spare time available for upkeep, the closure could be looked at as well timed. It would be safe to say there were some great times riding there, and plenty of fond memories to take away from our little riding spot.

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