• Top section at Wisley
  • Extreme berm!
  • Dirt jump line options, Wisley
  • Wooden cabin
Riding Skill Level Rating
Dirt Jump 3-5

All Weather Rating: 3/5 (Well drained, but closed over Winter).

Closed over Winter.

Cost To Ride: £4 on the day.


Wisely trails are perhaps the longest established set of dirt jumps in the area, having been around since 1998. This isn't because of a smooth relationship with the Surrey Wildlife Trust however, which has often made attempts the close the venue down. The owners keep the trails tidy and well maintained which goes a long way to keeping Wisley trails open. UK dirt jump series Dirt Wars often use this venue in their series as the ramps are well build and thought out.


Wisley isn't a large venue, but what it does it does well. Where it doesn't cater for newbies who may want to roll a jump, it has space between jumps if things go pear shaped. You can even over or under clear a ramp, and potentially still make the next one. The trails have been well thought out and this is a testament to this. Plus they are a lot of fun; the lines twist and turn meaning plenty of hipped jumps and line variations. This sets it apart from the neighbouring S4P trails, however Wisley is closed over winter.