• Mountain bike trails at Steyning
  • North shore MTB structures
  • Elevated drop
  • Huge bomb hole at Steyning, Sussex
  • Progressive ladder drops
Riding Skill Level Rating
Freeride 3-5
Downhill 3

All Weather Rating: 2/5

Cost To Ride: FOC


The Steyning Downlands are 160 acres of privately owned woods on the Winston estate in West Sussex. After conflicts had arisen between mountain bikers and other forest users, a plan was drawn up to provide a designated are for trails on the hillside.

What this has resulted in is some carefully planned, skilfully built trails that reflect many hours of hard work from the local group, Steyning MTB. Although volunteers are welcomed to build days, you cannot turn up and build your own trails. This delicate relationship between mountain bikers and forest users can only be maintained by showing respect to all, being polite to other users and not dropping litter. For more information in getting involved head to


The trails are graded, and would recommend walking them first as they are feature packed and will catch you out! The gradient starts fairly tame and contains some long floaty jumps and berms, flowing towards steeper, more technical sections further down. The left hand side criss-crosses trails with different line options, the right hand side opens into a giant bomb hole with some beautifully crafted drops, step-ups and hip jumps. Not for the feint hearted. 

How Do I Get To Steyning Bike Trails?

Drive along Mouse Lane, when the houses finish there is a footpath on your left, ignore this and keep going. Further up you will see another gate on the left opposite some house drives, this is the gate you want, but parking is a little further up still(you will notice space available to park on the left or right of the lane).

Once parked head back to the gate which is now on your right. Go through this, and follow the straight path through the fields to the wooded hill. Continue on this all the way to the top of the hill, the trails are on your left.