Perry Woods

  • Singletrack section - Perry Woods, Kent
  • Scenery on trail loop
  • Freeride area
  • Perry wood downhill trail
  • Road gap
Riding Skill Level Rating
XC 1
Family Cycling 3
Freeride 1-5
Downhill 2

All Weather Rating: 3/5

Freeride and downhill trails are currently not sanctioned.

Cost To Ride: FOC


Perry Woods is an ancient woodland owned by Swale Borough Council and provides for interest groups from wildlife observation to extreme freeride. While the XC/family route are officially sanctioned, the freeride area is not, and although there hasn't been any trouble there in recent years its always worth checking the facebook page before making the trip.


The XC route is a 10.3 mile loop consisting of a mix of bridleways and country lanes. As the terrain is not so technically demanding it is also suitable to for family outings. There are some hills but rewards come in some beautiful views over the Kent countryside. See map for route. Some parts can suffer after a lot of rain, so bear this in mind before making the trip.

The freeride area is based around a large natural crater littered with lines utilising natural contours. If you want to develop your dropping skills, this is the place to come as there are some great beginners options right through to some pant-wettingly larger stuff.

The centre of the crater has some floaty jumps, and carrying the speed out of these links into some downhill runs, which trickle out in various directions out of the main area (one ends in a notably huge road gap which bumped the skill level rating for Perry Woods up to 5).

Unlike the XC/family route the freeride/downhill trails are well drained, plus with the crater being sandy makes this area a good all weather option.

The community here is really impressive. A large age range collaborate to make this place what it is, and theres respect amongst the riders. The day we popped up the kids had all clubbed together to buy a wheelbarrow to help shift dirt!  We really hope this place does get official sanctioning from the council as not only is this a really positive recreation site, its well built. Due to the geography its also no bother to dog walkers or other forest users either. Come on council, make it happen.

Getting there

If you are heading south from Selling, you will reach the postcode before the car park, so carry on down the lane a little further. At the cross-road, turn left and the car park will be on your left.

Naturally if you are heading north, you will reach the cross-road before the postcode destination, but fortunately there are signs to turn right at the cross-road to the Perry Woods car park.

The bridleway (used for XC/family route) runs straight through the car park so is easy to navigate from here.

For the freeride/downhill runs, walk back up the lane to the cross-roads, when you reach them you will see a trail heading up the hill (roughly 11 o'clock from you). Follow this path and you'll reach the central crater.