Whistler 2015


Well, after 14 years we finally went. It’s hard to believe it took that many years of salivating over pictures, videos and articles before taking the plunge and booking flights to Canada, but 2015 was the year it was going to happen.

The trip didn’t just include Whistler, we had a party of mixed interests to cater for, so a journey through the Rockies and a week in downtown Vancouver was also on the cards. This gave us one week in Whistler, so every day had to count.

First impressions? Like when you meet a celebrity in real life, the Bone Yard looked much smaller than it did in the media. That’s not to say the stuff in it was small; remnants of Red Bull Joyride lines stood towering with elements removed to stop us mere mortals obliterating ourselves on these monstrous structures.

WhistlerTop Of The World Trail

The park trails are a perfect blend of manufactured, fast jump lines and tech, natural stuff. It’s not hard to understand why this place is a breeding ground for talent. Everything is so well built – no poorly thought out lines or dodgy down-ramps here. It didn’t seem to matter that our riding skills were a little rusty round the edges as you are literally spoon-fed progressive material to ride. It took very little time to get back into the swing of it.

Going outside of peak season has its pros and cons; less queuing for the lifts but the trails are less maintained. Just when we thought we could experience mountain riding without breaking bumps! Fortunately there was still enough people around for there to be a good vibe in the town, which captures the holiday buzz nicely with plenty of merch, bars and restaurants.

More riding means less photos, but there are a few below to reflect on a truly unforgettable trip. Enjoy!

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