The Disgruntled Mountain Biker #1: Royalty On The Trails!

The Disgruntled Mountain Biker #1: Royalty On The Trails

When pro riders visit your local trails there is a sense of honour, particularly if the spot is low-key. They’ve decided, in their busy schedule, to use your place to train! One such recent occasion left me feeling slightly annoyed, however.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can imagine any person with the media attention and general interest thrown at them may lead to some level of aloofness. I can understand that. Nothing was said out of line, but perhaps it was more the fact that I was left feeling in the way, at my own trails. I had paid to ride there, but I don’t believe our visiting royalty did.

I was having to push up trails, rather than the walk up route, to avoid the GoPro pointing in all directions, as the ‘ultimate shot’ and commentary was being bagged. This went on all afternoon. Sure, they need to get their media captured to keep the sponsors happy, but trail ownership is maybe going a bit far?

Further to this, the eventual edit shows them triumphantly ‘blowing out’ a berm. Thanks for stopping to fix it afterwards! The eat, shoot, leave attitude got to me somewhat. You’re not a superior human being as a pro. You have just chosen to invest time and make a career from a hobby. Showing the right attitude is something that keeps the sponsors happy too, y’know! It would’ve been nice to see more of that here.

Fortunately it’s not a common trait of the royalty amongst us. Whatever your level, show respect to the trails and those around you.

Peace out #1

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