The Future Of PORC Is Kingdom

The new land owners have recently provided some information on the future of PORC via its Facebook page, clearing the mist, a little.

The new owners have purchased 13 acres of the venue, including the new clubhouse, but not the downhill area. This remains in control of the old owners, and has been closed down. 

They have expressed their interest in purchasing this land too to resurrect the 'legacy' of PORC's downhill, so it may not be an entirely closed book, but this remains to be seen.

The site is being rebranded as Kingdom, and their first project is to construct a tarmac loop around the perimeter of the venue for family cycling, which is currently being crowd funded.

The news has been a difficult pill to swallow for many as it is a sharp departure from what PORC has represented over the years. Whether some of the old spirit will remain when the dust settles - only time will tell.

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