Dirt Wars: Holdshott Video

Dirt Wars: Holdshott Video

With the sun out, wind minimal and good trail flow, riders could focus on packing in the tricks for the second round of DMR’s Dirt Wars at Hampshire’s Holdshott trails.

We make it no secret that we’re big fans of wooden structures, and the ‘Slope Line’ for the pros featured a boner log and whale tail structure to mix things up. It certainly makes for interesting viewing, and it seemed popular with the riders too.

When the dust settled, the podium stood as follows:

  1. Tom Cardy: 360, Tailwhip, Barspin, 3-Whip, Tuck, 360 Can, 720
  2. Tom Isted: -, 450, Flip, Tuck, Barrel Roll, Superflip
  3. Cameron Crozier: 360, Tuck, Double Truck, Tuck, 360, Double Tailwhip

For Round 3 the series heads down to NASS festival for the weekend (7th-9th July), which is outside our zone, but returns to Kingdom (previously known as PORC) on August 6th.


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