Q: What are your ratings based on?

A: Ratings are based on how much of the particular type of riding is available at the venue and the quality of the build of it. It is also based relatively between what other venues offer in the South East. The skill levels are all rated out of 5 (5 being most advanced). This helps you to know what to expect and which bike trails/parks are most suitable for you.


Q: Some map pointers point to carparks and others to the trail…

A: Sometimes trails branch out in all directions from the carpark, therefore the actual carpark location is the most relevant location to indicate. We aim to give you directions from there!


Q: Why don't you list every trail?

Two answers:

A1: We are still travelling around updating this database. Got a trail that is sanctioned and should be listed? Get in touch.

A2: Not all trails are legal. We will list the ones that are and warn you if there is riding for other disciplines there that isn't.


Q: What is Downhill? 

A: Downhill trails tend to be steeper than average with more aggressive obstacles. A bike with long travel suspension and additional protective gear is recommended.


Q: What is Freeride?

A: Freeride trails can be similar to Downhill, as can the bikes, but the trails are often less steep and smoother with large jumps, drops and other man-made obstacles.


Q: What is Dirt Jumping?

A: You can identify dirt jumps by the ramps being steeper and closer together. Riders of this discipline have bikes from font or no suspension, and frames that allow seats to drop really low. No sitting down here!


Q: What is XC?

A: XC is the abbreviation for ‘Cross Country’ - the most common form and the image of Mountain Biking’ to the masses. Lightweight bikes, trails that climb and descend; the most all round discipline in the sport.