Blog Down Scaling Or Closing Next Year

UPDATE: After careful consideration we have decided to close in January 2019.... Read More

Disgruntled Mountain Biker #2 - Hey, Yo, I’m Faster Than You!

Without a doubt the news of Penshurst Bike Park returning has to be one of the best this year. So many great memories of riding were made there!... Read More

The Disgruntled Mountain Biker #1: Royalty On The Trails!

When pro riders visit your local trails there is a sense of honour, particularly if the spot is low-key. They’ve decided, in their busy schedule, to use your place to train! One such recent occasion left me feeling slightly annoyed, however.... Read More

A Day Out With Trailforks

This is rather unusual for me. Regulars would be familiar with my anti-tech stance, but here I found myself having a rather good day out with it. Ok, so I think it has its place - there are rather nifty solutions on the app market for guidance on unmarked trails, but sometimes it can become too intrusive. After all, we are riding to escape all the screen tripe aren't we?... Read More