The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn

…So the saying goes anyway. Heading out to the trails each time over Winter and the same thought occurs: “The trail conditions can’t get worse than this surely?!”. The cold air does little to evaporate the rounds of soakings poor terra firma receives, leaving it purely to the wind to do the job (which doesn’t really have a great effect below the trees).

And yet the seasons blend from one to another so seamlessly, we often don’t notice the extremities from peak Summer to the trough of Winter. That is, until reflecting on photos or video footage. Is that really the same section of trail?!

Let’s not forget though, it’s the variance in our climate that’s behind this tiny island producing so many world class riders. If you have battled through Winter, the advantages for honing your skills are abundant and will set you in good stead for the new season.

We now sit at the turning point, and whilst conditions are at their very worst, the temperatures that will start drying the ground are not far away, and a new season of riding will be upon us.

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