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Liberation Transmission

Here we are, the midst of Summer, it's time to reap what was sown over the earlier months. Trail sections have bedded in, been tested and now ready to serve up the thrills.

Maybe it's been a bit of a naff summer so far, but with drainage added at the time of construction it's not been enough to stop us making the most of the long evenings! 

Those of you who followed our old blog may remember the series of posts on 'Uncharted Sussex' and our trail 'Liberation Transmission'. Well, now in its 4th year its complete and riding just great. Only as the trail is not strictly legal, we have decided to leave it and move onto pastures new. 

Finding places to build and ride has proved a real challenge in the south east, and we are now looking into renting land and getting some stuff properly established. 

This is really exciting for us, and you'll be sure to hear any developments on here first!

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