It Was The Biggest Of Changes, It Was The Smallest Of Changes


The web moves fast - innovate or die is what they say. Although we aren’t selling a product, this is the 6th incarnation of our resource in its 9 year history, and in that time it has picked up and dropped features along the way in order to survive the jungle that is the world wide web.

What is so exciting for us though is finally achieves what we always wanted it to: Community integration. It’s the best way to keep content up to date, and provide the specialist news that other resources wouldn’t be able to.  And that’s the important bit - do your own thing and do it well!

Although the previous version of the site was responsive, it wasn’t ageing too well, and with the plans to improve the trail resource in the pipeline, it seemed like the best time to scrap it all and rebuild from the ground up.

And so, 1 year and 952 miles later (plus many, many hours of writing and coding), we have our new resource. We did the research, visited the venues, got the photos ourselves. I hope it radiates that authenticity when you click around!

And yet at the same time, we are just the same as ever: news, events, clubs, trails from the South East. Even the design reflects the original version of our resource, to celebrate its 10th birthday next year. 

Jab V1

Bye bye Jab, hello

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