For The Love Of Bike!

For The Love Of Bike!

Last month we reached our 10th anniversary for providing a local resource on local riding online. Not wanting to blow our trumpet, but that's quite an achievement considering is run purely for the love of it! I often thought of using that as a strap line: 'for the love of bike'.

That's not to say it hasn't come with its occasional perks; freebies and backstage passes have helped sweeten the deal, probably the best has to have been the offer from Mercedes to borrow their Vito vans for events. Yes please!

The web has changed drastically too; we have picked up and dropped features en route to accommodate the ever changing beast that the internet is. Anyone remember the forums? And just how dated does 1.0 look now (below)!

Jab V1

An important factor has been our reader input, which without, the news and events pages would look very drab! This has helped keep things current, and we have been really grateful for over the years. 

And that still stands true. So if you do see an event that needs to be on our list, or have news that we should know about, ping us an email, we are always happy to link back!

Happy anniversary, patted backs all round.

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