If I Were to Pick a Place to Ride... Danbury Common

Situated just a stone's throw from the city of Chelmsford, the village of Danbury is far enough out to feel countrified, yet be within easy reach o... Read More

From The Other Side

In the not too distant past, I was stood behind the desk at Bedgebury, hiring out bikes to the public. In my mind, the bike shop was too tame. I wanted it to be an extreme place, showcasing high end products, the latest bike film playing on a screen, getting riders amped to hit the trails. Reality was quite different.... Read More

Escape It All

9.30 am, fuelled on a fry-up and loading the bikes in glorious Welsh sun. Who would've thought it this year? Job changes, new flats, travelling and babies presented reasons why this wasn't going to work, but here we were, in the mining town of Merthyr Tidfil, ready for 3 days riding at Bikepark Wales.... Read More

Scout, Craft, Ride

Here we are, the midst of Summer, it's time to reap what was sown over the earlier months. Trail sections have bedded in, been tested and now ready to serve up the thrills. Maybe it's been a bit of a naff summer so far, but with drainage added at the time of construction it's not been enough to stop us making the most of the long evenings! ... Read More